FAQ – Help

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1] I registered but I did not receive the confirmation email.

Please click here to request a new email verification.

2] I cannot log into my account.

If you forgot your email. Please click here to reset your password.
If you still cannot log into your account, please contact our support.

3] How can I trade with other users?

Trading with other members at CoinsIO is easy and secure. Simply find a trade ad, read the trade rules and terms and make sure you agree before you submit a request. Once the the other member agrees to the trade, the transaction starts.
The CoinsIO platform acts as an escrow between the two parties to protect both sides and ensure a smooth and safe transaction.

Once you start a trade transaction, you must stay active and respond to the requests for action that you receive.The trade will be done in easy steps that ensure protection of assets.It is important to keep your communication with the other trader through CoinsIO only and you must never send payment outside the platform.
Contact our staff to assist you with any issue.

4] What kind of trades can I make?

With CoinsIO you can participate in a wide selection of trades from trading Bitcoin to other cryptocurrencies, trading coins for fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP…) and buying gift cards.

5] How can I post trades?

Coin to coin trades are available for all users.
Trades involving fiat or Gift cards are limited to pro-trader accounts.

6] How can I submit a request for a pro-trader account?

Click here for more details about Pro-Trader account.

7] What are Bounties and how can I participate?

Bounties are offers set by websites or marketers offering crypto to users to perform tasks. Bounty participation is free. Some Bounty campaigns require KYC verification. campaigns can also be restricted to certain countries.

8] How does Bounty participation works?

CoinsIO offers the easiest way to earn Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.
1 Browse the available bounty campaigns and chose one to participate in.
2 Read the rules carefully and submit your username and details at the bottom of the page.
3 You will receive an email notification when you are approved to participate in the bounty campaign.
4 Once you are approved, complete the work needed by retweeting, creating a video or posting a Facebook post…
5 After completing the task go to “My Work” section and submit a screenshot of the work.
That is all you need to do!

Please allow some time for your work to be verified. When your work is approved by the Marketer, your Bounty reward will be credited to your CoinsIO wallet and you can retrieve it at any time. CoinsIO charges 10% fee on your bounty rewards earned on our platform.

9] What is KYC?

“Know your client” or KYC is a process to verify the identity of the user. KYC level affects the maximum amount the user can trade. Also KYC might be required for Bounty campaigns.

Level 1 KYC: Phone number verification + Name and address

Level 2 KYC: ID and utility bill.